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Simplicity and complexity can exist both in form, concept or storytelling.

Either simple or complex, the harmony between them can make the artwork pleasant.

We enjoy the forms of sunflower or wings of dragonfly, before we know about the fibonachi orders in that.

Comission and Inquiries
To : Hadis Maleki
Nationality : Iranian
Location : Dear Earth! Let's protect our environment!
Email : hadis.design@gmail.com
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Data Art


Multidisciplinary interest in Computer Science and Visual Arts is like a butterfly which I followd and led me to the land of DataArt. I am so intereted in research and projects in the field of DataArt, Data Visualization, bioArt, biomimetic, paper engineering and Infographics.

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    Algorithmic Art

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    Generative Art

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    Paper Engineering

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    Data Visualization

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    BIO Art

  • Papers

    View my CV in computer Science (Downlaod)

  • Publication

    Award winning software and book for teaching music to children (+)

  • Courses

    View my favorite list of courses, artists and website in Data-Art (Download)



I have found photography the art of vision, and storytelling in one frame. Choosing the moment that contains past and future, that can make a challenge for the viewer and therefore a pleasure. I bought a camera to make stopmotion, but it soon became one of my friends, it shines my world.

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Instagram - National Geographic - Eyeem - Gurushots - YouPic- Photoshleter (commissions) - Photocrowd - Dronstragram

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A medium for variety of purposes, it can let the imaginations to come to life. It can be a kind friend to children, it can be a medium to talk about adults thoughts and feelings, or it can inspires us and make up think, but all in all it is a medium to connect, connect the author to the audience, the audience to the author and the audience to each other. Let's connect to each other… We need to connect our hearts and our minds to help eachother and save our planet -Hadis




* list of publications in journals and books, presentations in conferences and translations in field of animation (download)



Animation Film

List of Short Animatin Film and their presence in festivals (download)



My Studio

If you want me to make animations for you or your business please contact me throught my studio (here)


  • * 2014-present, Animation Filmmaker and Dataart Researcher at Aloobaloo Studio

    * 2004- 2015, Computer Programming Teacher

    * 2016 - present, Taking Courses in MOOC

    * 2010-2013 MFA in  Animation Direction, Tehran Art University

    * 2002-2007 Software Engineering, B.Sc., Shahid Beheshti University (SBU)

    *1995-2002 Student in NODET (National Organizatoin for Developing of Exceptional Talents)

    * 2004 - Present  Taking courses in Iranian Traditional Music, Playing Setar

    Languages: Persian(native), English (Advanced), French (A2), Arabic (A1)

    Downlaod a more detailed CV here  


Production and studio