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Simplicity and complexity can exist both in form, concept or storytelling.

Either simple or complex, the harmony between them can make the artwork pleasant.

We enjoy the forms of sunflower or wings of dragonfly, before we know about the fibonachi orders in that.

Comission and Inquiries
To : Hadis Maleki
Born in : Tehran, Iran
Location : Dear Earth! Let's save it!
Email : moosiqi@gmail.com
Phone : 98-938-4611-257
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Skype : rainbowfreshness (Online Teaching)



I have found photography art of vision, and storytelling in one frame. Chosing the moment that has contains past and future of it, and can make a chanllege for the viewer in describing and storytelling.

I am selftaught in photography, after graduation I bought a camera to help me make stopmotion, but it was more for me, it shined my world.




National Geographic



Demo of Multimedia software for Biology Education


2016, Jan.


* Awarded in 1st Pasargad Film Festival, 2015

* Screened on 2016 8th CMS ICFF (Tehran Times News)

* In official Selection of The 10th Tehran International Animation Festival (TIAF)

Musical Animation، Theme of Enviroment Protection

Technique: Felt cut out



Commercial Contest

A commercial made for paritipation in Japan Kitkat

Chosen for Preselection Phase

Technique: Digital Cut Out




* Official Selection of 4th Carton Animation Festival 2015

*Presented in Marathon of Athen Animation 2015

* Official Selection 2015 Short Short Story

Story of the red and green characters of pedesterian light

Technique: Digital Cel



Biology Education

Demo of a mutimedia software for biology education, containing




* Official Selection of 7th Parvin Etesami Film Festival

Adaption of a poem by Parvin Etesami




A short animation about smoking and its spritual side effect

* Listed in Official Selection of 10th Festival De Animacion Noche De Monos



Patement Form
(Just valid for national payements)

  • a

    Algorithmic Art

  • b

    Motion Graphics

  • g


  • f

    Translation Perstian->En,Fr

  • m


  • a



  • Honors and Work Experience

    * Won the Pitwork Photoraphy Contest of PhotographicAngle

    *Awarded in 1st Pasargard Short Film Festival

    *Awarded for the best thesis in MA of Animation

    * Awarded as the writer of book "Persian Musical Instruments for Children", 3rd rank of Educational Books on music

    * Teacher and coach of Extraordinary classes in NODET schools, since 2004 / 3Ds Max , Dreamweaver, Cryptography, Premiere, Music Notation

    * Teacher of Programming Classes in NODET schools 2010-2015 / VB, Scrach, Small Basic

    * Referee of Students' Projects- 2007

    * Coach of Computer Programming Teams of School

  • Education Background:

    * Awarded as the top student in Master of Animation in Art University 2014

    * M.A., Animation Direction, Tehran Art University, 2010-2013

    *B.Sc., Software Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University, 2002-2007

    * Succesfully passed the entrance exam, invited to study M.Sc. Mechatronics, Science and Research Azad University, 2010

Projects and Research:

some short list of projects

  • Publications:

    Research: Animation, Cinema,Computer and Music



    * Making Humanoid Robots More Acceptable Based on the Study of Robot Characters in Animation, International Journal of Robotics and Automation (IJRA) , March 2015

    * Camera Movement in Relation to Animation Narration: A study for Deriving the Patterns, C.A.K.E Conference (Creative Animation Knowledge Exchange), May 2014

    * Camera Movement in Relation to Animation Narration: A study for Deriving the Patterns, Journal of Perfoming and Musical Arts, Tehran Art University, March 2016

    * A Newer World for Blind, 4th international Technology Conference 2008, Boston

    * Steganography's Applications , Article Base

    * Moiré in Computer, awarded in SBU First symposium of student research, May 2006


    * Lets be friend with Iranian Musical Instruments, Tehran: Sooreh Mehr Publications, May 2012

    * Animation and The Future World, Articles on new approaches of professional Enviroment, Ronagh Pub, DEFC, 2017 link

    ----> Read more in my Google Scholar Page

  • Software Developement

    Organization, Academic

    IT center, University

    *Simulation of Kazaa - teamwork -OS: Linux ( Redhat ,Fedora ,Suse ) - Language : C

    *Simulation of Selective Repeat and Go Back N Algorithms - teamwork- Language: java ( IntelliJ idea 5 )

    *Simulation of Link State Routing - teamwork -Language : java ( IntelliJ idea 5 )

    * E-learning System- - teamwork- Language and IDE : , SQL server Rational Rose,VB.net , ASP.net

    * Credit Cards for Shoping, teamwork - Language and IDE: SmartDraw, Visio, Oracle 9.2, Visual c#.net

    * DB for Ministery of Urban and Housing - Language and IDE: SQL server 2000 , Visual c#.NET

    * Detecting Spam E-mail - teamwork - Language and IDE : Prolog - Strawberry Prolog

    • Projects

      Translation, WebDevelping, Photography


      WebSite Design and Develope:

      * Aloobaloo, Animation and Media Studio, 2016

      * Guilagraph, Online Woocommerce Shop,2016

      * Bonnepomme Magazine, Wordpress, 2016

      * Cando Studio, 2015


      * Photography of 12th International Progect Management Conference (IIPCM) for RSRastak

      * Photography and Clipmaking of Management Workshop

      * Producing AudioBook for Elm-o-Farhang University

      * Implementing font of Refaghat, wish was used by newspaper for children "Docharkhe"

      * Music Lovers Club, Volunteer Work ، 2006-2010


    • Coach and Project advising:

      Coach and Teacher

      NODET (National Organization For Developing Exceptional Talents)

      In my classes students were always led to work on projects, more than 100 project were defined and advised such as:

      * Encrypting to Musical Notation/ VB

      * Encrypting to Clock Hours/ VB

      * 3D modelling of Traditinal Iranian House/3D MAX

      * Lost Piece Game/ Scratch

      * X-O Game/ VB

      * Serpinsky Triagnel/ Small Basic

      * Domion Animated/ 3D Max

      * Website about cinema/ DreamWeaver

      * Origami Game Guess/ Pascal

      * Simulation of Future Face of Human/ Photoshop و ...